Director / Design Principal

Uziel Marrufo

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Born in Puebla City, Mexico, in 1983; is founder, principal Architect and Director of NONWARP. He studied architecture at the Iberoamericana University of Puebla (2002-2007). From 2005 to 2008 he worked in Dionne-Architects. From 2008 to 2012 he co founded Volta-Architects. In 2012 he established NonWarp, architectural studio. He studied Master in architectural design at BUAP Autonomous University of Puebla(2014-2016). Also He collaborate with Hipertech and Mutual (architectural studios).


Design Partners

Alberto Moreno, Manuel Jimenez

Design Collaborators

Federico Archundia, Gerardo Taboada, Fernando Corona

Collaborators in Time Line

Daniela Guevara, Miguel Angel C. Ortega, Irving Vera, Eduardo Audirac


The architectural firm NonWarp, based in Mexico, is a group of professionals and freelancers, founded by architect Uziel Marrufo; whose goal is transform architectural projects from paper to tangible reality.

Non-Warp: NON: not; or (latin) odd, number that can’t be divided evenly by 2, and WARP: thrust curvature, also known as “warp drive” or “distortion”.

Mission: Integrate  design, construction and development costs of architectural projects, where the analytical design is the priority.




Architectural Design: Interior  Design, Hydraulic Systems, Electrical Systems, Structural Engenieering, Digital Visualization and Total Project Conceptualization with Spatial Interdiciplines.

Construction-Execution: Building, Maintenance, Renewal and Intervention. Management, Administration and Total Supervision of Project resources.

Photography: Architectural and landscape photography.